Dear Friends,

Just want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and let you know a little about me. My name is Sean-Christopher, I’ve been dancing for roughly 15 years and teaching for approximately 10 of those years.

No, I’m not one of those guys who own a studio and have been in the professional ballroom dancing competition circuit for years and years.

As a matter of a fact I’m an IT professional by profession. Yes, some techie guys can dance, too. Even though I am associated with some competitive ballroom dancers, ballroom dancing in the competition level was not something I ever got into. Like most guys, I started taking dance lessons because I was persuaded by a female influence in my life.

Basically I started taking dance lessons because I wanted to get to know a girl in the dance class!! I figured whatever it takes? Right guys?

And like most guys I struggled with it for a while & stepped on my shares of feet. To make a long story short, lo and behold, two left feet and a little bit of hard work, I became a pretty good dancer.

I guessed through all the people I met who has a genuine love for the sport, I developed my own passion for Latin, Swing & Ballroom dancing.

And I soon decided to start teaching my friends a step or two.

I soon started working for a local ballroom dancing studio here in Atlanta. Where I was trained in Swing, Waltz, Tango, Salsa & Merengue to name a few.

As a trainee I was taught by different instructors on how to break down & teach different dance steps. At the same time I also learned different techniques and styling so I can dance at different exhibitions. I learned from some Fred Astaire, & Arthur Murray instructors, as well as some independent coaches who are actively competing in the professional ballroom dancing world.

Through the years I had the opportunity to teach at company parties, banquets, high schools and local colleges around the area, go on a cruise as a Latin dance instructor. Eventually, I went out on my own and started teaching private and group lessons.

While working at the dance studio I had the opportunity to sit in on different dance classes where I was able to observe the different teaching & dancing styles.

I’ve always heard that the best way
to learn how to dance is to, well… DANCE!!!

Dance I did… with women young and old, tall and short, beginner to advance dancers. I was really fortunate to have this opportunity because I learned how to dance and teach from some great social and professional dancers without breaking the bank. If you know what I mean..

More importantly, I was able to see for myself what kind of dance styles and teaching techniques works best for different types of people. Don’t get the wrong idea though…I learn something new about dancing and teaching just about every time I step on the dance floor.

As a matter of fact I often take group and private lessons similar to what some of you might take, just so I can observe how an instructor teach or just simply learn a new style of dancing. One of my theories is, no one is ever beneath me, I can always learn something from anyone. I try to past this same mindset to my students.

Learning is after all, a never ending process. Most recently, I have had the privilege to teach at different local and out of state Salsa & Bachata Congresses and Festivals, I have met so many different folks and most of my friends I met through dancing… that is what makes it so much fun for me.

Anyway…Probably like most of you, I’m not a natural born dancer… to let you in on a little secret I was raised a Southern Baptist and dancing is not allowed. I later on realized that not all dancing is “bad”, but that’s a whole other story.

I probably struggled through learning this stuff more than an average person would. As a matter of fact, I went into my first day of dance lessons praying that I won’t step on anyone’s feet or trip all over myself.

I don’t think he heard my prayers that day or I’ve been a bad boy because BOY! OH BOY!

…some feet did some hurt’n that day!!

And they weren’t mine!

I also had several misconceptions, being a guy and all, I thought that dancing, specially latin, swing, and ballroom is not something a guy does, after all this is the modern era, these are dances that my parents and grandparents did when they were young, and how in the world can I learn something I’ve never done before.

Tell you what, if you’re a guy reading this right now… I will let you in on 3 little secrets if you promise not to tell anyone else…

  • Secret #1 : ladies prefer a guy who knows how to dance or at least not afraid to learn how to dance. hint/hint!!
  • Secret #2 : Most dance classes usually has.. 4 women for every 1 guy! You won’t believe this but… I usually have
    to turn away additional women who wants to sign up for my class because I don’t have enough guys to go around.
  • Secret #3 : Dancing is one of the best ways to build rapport with women. it’s very classy and for you married guys I bet you anything that you will make your wife’s day if you were to take her out ballroom dancing!!

Forget about ladies night at your local hip hop dance club!! Why do you think Latin & swing dancing is so popular right now? Just about every dance club has a swing or Latin night during the week or the weekend. What was hip back then is now back in style and here to stay!!!

Guys, just give it a chance I promise, you won’t regret it. I’m living testimony that anyone can learn how to dance and that you can take it as far as you want to. If you were to tell me 14 years ago that I will be teaching salsa & cha cha classes and doing dance exhibitions & entering local dance competitions someday I would’ve thought you were crazy!!

I want to share my experiences with you, calm your fears, and teach you some fun and exciting steps in Latin, Swing and Ballroom dancing that is sure to get you on your way to becoming king and queen of any dance floor.

At the very least I can you show that dancing is not only fun but a great way to meet new “friends” and if you have all the friends you need. Dancing can just be another fun activity that you can enjoy together.

Anyway.. I started Dancing For Fun so I can share with you the joy of dance like I’ve experienced and still experiencing in my life and so have many others around the world, I realized at the age of 17 that Ballroom, Swing, and Latin dancing is for people of all ages.

I mean why just a dinner and a movie on a Friday night; why not dinner, a movie and dancing on a Friday night. Doesn’t that sound so much more fun. I Hope I gave you enough details about my background… Feel free to ask me any question you want…

See you on the dance floor!!