A very energetic Latin dance. Lots of fun, complete with spins, sharp movement, and crisp turns. Very popular in Latin clubs along with Merengue. Styles varies depending on where you are from. Costa Rican salsa in general goes side to side but LA style for example goes forward and backwards. This dance is also similar to Mambo. A great dance to learn if you want to break into the Latin club scene not only in Atlanta but all over the U.S.


The authentic Bachata dance is the original way of dancing Bachata, The original, slow style in the '60s was danced only in closed position, like the bolero, often in close embrace. The Bachata basic steps are done by moving within a small square (side, side and then tap your toes back and side, side, back) and is inspired from the bolero step but evolved to including a tap and also syncopation (steps in between the beats) depending on the dynamics of the music being played. The hand placement can vary according to the position of the dances, which can range from very close to open to completely open.

The authentic version is still danced today in the Caribbean and all over the world. It is increasingly danced to faster music, adding more footwork, simple turns and rhythmic free-styling and with alternation between close (romantic) and open position. Authentic Bachata is danced with soft hip movements and a tap or syncopation (1, 2, 3, tap/syncopation). It can also be danced with or without bouncing (moving the body up on the beats and down again in between the beats by adding slight spring to ones legs). Authentic Bachata was created by Dominican social dancers over the course of decades (starting around the beginning of the 1960s) and is still evolving to this day.

What is called authentic/Dominican Bachata in the West is simply called Bachata in the Dominican Republic and by most Dominican immigrants.


The slowest of the Latin dances. Passion pouring out of every step, Bolero is a dance with bravado. The moves are long and sweeping and the Latin style is stretched to the limit. Powerfully suggestive. If this dance doesn’t stir your blood nothing will!!


There are several different styles of Tango. The three most popular are American, International, and Argentine. Both American and International travel around the ballroom following the line of dance. Tango is a stylish, sexy and very popular dance!

East Coast Swing/Hustle

This is the most versatile of all the dances from 50s Rock and Roll, Big Band, Rhythm and Blues and a variety of today’s music. Lots of spins, very fun. Easy to learn an will definitely get your feet moving!!


Here's a fast Latin dance that never slows down. Very easy to learn and I often refer to this dance as the “marching with style”. It's the most popular dance at most Latin clubs along with Salsa.




Yet another Latin dance with a wide variety of music from which to choose from. A lot of the music that you hear on the radio from Christina Aguilera, Santana etc. You can dance cha cha to, as well as most of the popular club mixes and even some country music make for good Cha-Cha.


A moderately slow Latin dance with plenty of wraps, under arm turns and a truck load of flirtation. Often called the dance of love, you can Rumba to a wide variety of music from Tito Puente to Jimmy Buffet.


Waltz continuous to be one of the most romantic and elegant dances of all times. With long sweeping movements constant rotating with stylish poses; the Waltz definitely commands attention on the dance floor. It takes a bit more effort to learn at first compare to other dances, but the patience really pays off. At first you have to learn to navigate through the dance floor without bumping into other dancers. After you get past the basics of the movements; the patterns becomes easier to grasp and you will be gliding smoothly through the dance floor in no time.


In Antillean French Creole, Zouk means party! Zouk is both a dance and a type of music. This sensual and energetic dance has roots in Brazilian Lambada and Samba, while the music has French Caribbean roots.

Zouk is a fun, modern dance suitable for all ages. For many in the younger dance crowd, Zouk has rekindled an interest in partner dancing. For those who have experience dancing other traditional Latin dances (and even West Coast Swing), many of the moves, techniques or concepts from those dances can be imported to Zouk, making it relatively easy to adapt to this dance. In addition, Zouk can be danced to a variety of music and a variety of moods, making it a versatile dance to know.