Atlanta & Gwinnett Ballroom, Latin, Swing Dance Classes

Dance Classes & Lessons

Our friendly, well-trained instructors can teach you the basics to get your feet moving and grooving to the popular dances of - Salsa, Merengue, Swing, Cha-Cha, and Waltz. Our convenient and spacious facilities provide you the perfect place to practice your dancing skills and enjoy fun, weekly dance activities in the company of good friends.

Private Group Dance Classes

If you have a group of people or can put a group of people together who want to take dance lessons, we can customize dance lessons specifically for you and your group needs. This has been popular among companies, church groups, singles groups and families who are about to celebrate a wedding.

Wedding First Dance Lessons

Make your wedding's first dance memorable and fun... one to last a life time! We will recommend a perfect song to make your dance special.  This choreographed dance will be an elegant, fun routine that is unique and easy to learn. We'll even record the steps you learn, at the end of each lesson, to help you remember the steps when practicing between the lessons.

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons help you reach your goals and make them an exciting reality. Whether preparing for the social dance floor, a special event, or just want to brush up on your dance steps, you can achieve your goals faster with one-on-one attention.